Monday, July 31, 2006

The Internal Assessment Basics and Topics

The first thing I want to cover is report writing. This seems to be crucial area if you are going to get really high grades in Business Studies. This accounts for 20% of your final mark, so if you get a very high grade in this you are already halfway to getting at least a 4, which is about 40% in Business.
The Internal assessment must be based on a real business and MUST answer a question. If you don't do this, your assignment will lack focus and be marked down accordingly. Your teacher will help you with your choice of assignment, which you should find motivating and interesting!
The supplementary information such as title page, diagrams, figures, tables, references and appendices is not included in the 1000–1500 words.

The format for this as such

IBO Required Written Assignment Format should contain the following:

• Research title (question)
• Introduction
• Statement of objective(s)
• Discussion
• Conclusions and recommendations
• Bibliography and references
• Appendices (if applicable)

The following topics or subtopics from the syllabus can be chosen:
Module 1: Introduction to Organizations

Types of Organizations
Ethical Objectives
SWOT Analysis

Module 2: Marketing

Market Research
Ethics of Marketing
The Marketing Mix
Market Segmentation and consumer profiles
PEST analysis
Pricing Policies
Cultural Factors

Module 3: Human Resource Management

Organization Structure and Communication
Motivation and Leadership
Training & Development

Module 4: Accounting and Finance

Source and Application of Funds
Investment Appraisal
Ratio Analysis

I willgo through each one in turn as the site develops.


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