Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sungen Ltd - Examination Technique - How to revise from a case study

Photocopy two copies of the case study. Keep one for note taking and keep one blank so that when you read the case study your rough notes will not divert your attention.

Read the case study for the first time without making notes so that you get a general impression of the topic.

Read the case study again and underline any term you do not understand – make sure you find out what these terms mean. It is likely that at least one definition from the case study will be required.

Read the case study again making notes about terms and how they may be asked in a question.

Read the case study regularly in the weeks before the exam so that you know it ‘by heart’ for the exam. You do not want to be hunting around the case study during the exam looking for relevant information.

Start looking for newspaper / internet / magazine articles about companies similar to
Sungen so that you can give relevant examples in your exam answers.

Develop some possible strategy scenarios involving marketing plans, ways of reducing costs and / or increasing profitability.

Command Words
Every single exam question has at least one command word. This is a word that is used by the examiner to help you so that you can guide your answer in the direction they want.

For example if the examiner asks you to list one advantage of being a private limited company, you could answer, they have limited liability.

A more detailed question may ask you to explain an advantage of being a private limited company. In this case you will need to say exactly what a private limited company is.

An examiner may ask for more detailed knowledge and they may ask you to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being a private limited company. In this case you simply write 3 or 4 advantages and disadvantages and explain each one.
Finally the examiner may ask you to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a private limited company. In this case you simply write 3 or 4 advantages and disadvantages, explain each one, and then based on your evidence say whether you would recommend a company becoming a private limited company in this instance.

The command words below have been broken into levels with level 1 command words requiring the simplest answer and level 4 the most complex.

Level One: List, Name, Explain, Define, Calculate, Construct
Level Two: Describe, Identify

Level Three: Examine, Discuss, Prepare, Analysis

Level Four: Evaluate, Recommend


Remember - You have 5 minutes reading time at the beginning of the exam.

The case study paper – paper 1 is 1 1/2 hours (90 minutes) long.

The paper is worth 60 marks.

90 minutes divided by 60 marks = 1 1⁄2 marks per minute.

Therefore a 2-mark question should only take 3 minutes.

You have to answer all the questions.

Remember to build in reading time for Paper 2 where it is very important to choose the correct question.

Also build in some time to read through your answers to check for any simple mistakes you have made.

It is very important that you get your timing correct. If not you will either rush your answers and not give enough detail or you run out of time and do not finish the paper. Both scenarios mean you will under-perform in the exam.

Practice your timing by answering past questions in the context of or use the questions written in your copybook. You can practice on past papers and case studies from 2002 onwards. Your teacher should have access to these (November and May) as well as comprehensive mark schemes.


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I really really need help with the 2006 case study for business about Gladrags LTD. We have mocks and we didn't even discuss the case study in class...Please help!

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