Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Case Study Examination Techniques Continued

Revise, revise revise – if you have revised properly then you will be more relaxed about the exam and you should therefore perform better.

Make revision notes yourself and do not simply rely on your teacher’s handouts.

Read the questions very carefully – many students answer a different question to the one set, so the examiner cannot apply the mark scheme to your answer.

Take your time choosing your questions – do not rush into a question and then realise that you cannot answer the whole question. This will waste time and make you rush your answer.

Write your answers in context. Your case study is based on a Electrical wholesale company. So when you answer questions always bear this in mind. E.g. If asked to write a marketing strategy for Sungen Ltd if must be specific to the company and not a strategy that can be used for any company. Use examples where you can.

Write neatly and clearly – if the examiner cannot read your answer he will not be able to mark it. In your case this is very important.

Draw large clear diagrams (be bold, brave and beautiful) – an examiner can only mark what he can read. Therefore a small cramped diagram will not gain many marks. Try and use a ruler and pencil and remember to label all the axes.

Never cross an answer out. If you cross out an answer, the examiner will not mark it. Many times students cross out answers that are actually worth marks and begin new questions, which they then answer badly, and are worth less than the original answer.

Remember exam technique is an extremely important skill that should be practiced in the weeks before an exam. A student with a good exam technique will greatly improve their mark, and will usually out-perform a student who has simply spent their time ‘revising’.

Always be aware of the marks available for each question and try to match your answer accordingly. A question worth 6 marks can not be answered in one or two sentences.


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