Friday, March 02, 2007

Welcome Back IB1 & IB2 Business

Good day to you reading this blog for the first time and welcome back those who have before
I will quickly go over what the aim is here.
I would like you to consider this as another tool in which Mr W may aid you in achieving the maximum grade in the subject, most poular in the school.
I will be going over the syllabus as we go through the course.


In IB1 we are discussing an introduction to Business, and what is added value?
Why do you pay more for a pair of Levis jeans than a pair from topytop.
Remember, what I told you about in class, this year we will not only be learning Business, but also English as well as how to Learn how to Learn. BUSINESS ENGLISH LEARNING is how I want you to think of the course. If your English improves then your understanding of the course improves and the ability to think more clearly also. Also, if you understand why you are learning then you can understand the actual value of the lesson your teacher is hopefully giving you.

Please feel free to send me comments and suggestions on ways in how we can improve the course itself, I am always open to suggestions as its your time as well as mine in the classroom so don't forge that.

I gave you the outline of the course this term, start thinking about a product you want to set up and sell at the Kermesse which is the same time as last year. End of June, Fathers day time.
I want to do better than last year, and there is no reason that we can't.


Hi chaps and chappesses

Good to have you back from your long holiday. This is your big year to show what geniuses you are to the whole world. You have the opportunity to do this so don't waste it.
This is the way the first 4 weeks of the term are going to work. Half the week (on Mondays)we will be doing the internal, each week you will receive a commitment grade, indicating the level of work you have done for the assignment. The first week you have an excuse after that there is none. If you bring nothing new to your assignment, your grade will be a 5...... The more you contribute the higher your grade will be.
Internal Assessment Requirments
here will direct you to what you should be looking at.
Failure to finish the final draft by the end of March ensures you will not be taking the IB exam.
Make Mr W a happy man and complete your work, the earlier the better I can correct it and give it back to you for corrections.
Remember to organize yourself well this year, and learn to get loads of sleep, as you will need it in the runup to the exams in November.
Mr W


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