Monday, June 02, 2008

How to write your CV

Guys here is a really short article that allows you to write a CV really easily.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys

The article referred to is rather old. Writing CV's has changed quiet a bit. Traditional word CV's are a thing of the past. Today recruiters are using a product called an iprofile. The iProfile is a dynamic, online CV fast becoming the recruitment industry standard and 2.5 million jobseekers already have an iProfile in the UK. The website address is htpp://

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Blogger Mike Kelley said...

The CV should be an effective, self-marketing tool to "get the interview". With this in mind, "HOW" people performed their role - in your example "WHAT" project management processes, tools, techniques are used, may be giving away too much information, i.e. best left for the interview. Detailed experience in key areas such as risk management, resource management and planning are key skills or areas of expertise that should be communicated and demonstrated by bullet-pointed achievements that will illustrate "HOW" they were successful and WHAT contribution they made. However, the reader should be motivated to call the job candidates in for interview to ask what the "Situation" was and "WHAT" they did "HANDS-ON". More detailed information can be expanded upon in the covering letter. Applications to job agencies are usually a differing case and required more information. I could go on and give specific advice for a range of occupations, each application should be determined appropriately on its merits. Does iprofile do this?

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